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As part of efforts to implement Results 1 and 3, that is green and resilient local economies and access to finance respectively under the GrEEn project in Offinso Municipality, a two day stakeholders meeting was convened on 13th – 14th May, 2022 at Saboa, the project beneficiary community. This activity was organized by the Assembly in collaboration with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), SOS-Children’s Village, Ecobank and SNV Netherlands Development Organization.

The main objective of the meeting was to sensitize the entire community on the proposed climate change interventions, Cash for Work (CfW) activities and registration of beneficiaries. The event was attended by key stakeholders including the MCE, Assembly member, Unit committee, Youth leaders of Saboa. Other participants were the Municipal Planning Officer, MIS Officer, Head of BAC, Officials from the UNCDF and SOS Childrens Village.

Some of the community leaders

During the event, community stakeholders were educated about the purpose and background of the project. Hence, in his welcome remarks, the Hon. MCE explained that, leadership of Saboa community comprising of the Assembly member and unit committee petitioned the Assembly for some development projects which was then captured in the Assembly’s Medium Term Development Plan (MDTDP 2022-2025). Consequently, when the GrEEn project came on board with its project requirements/criteria, some thorough field assessment was carried out throughout the entire municipality and concluded with the selection of two proposed projects that is the construction of a foot bridge and mechanized borehole at Saboa. The Hon. MCE encouraged the community particularly the youth to take the project seriously since it further comes with a cash for work package, skills training and access to finance that would go a long way to address their unemployment challenges.

Presentation by UNCDF on CfW and Registration of Beneficiaries

Mr. Nathan Asamoah, the project coordinator from the UNCDF educated community members on climate change issues affecting the globe and the need to build resilience so that the community can adapt to the negative climatic effects. He explained that the proposed investment projects would not only help them to fight climate change but also provide sustainable incomes for them through the cash for work component and access to finance packages.

He encouraged all community folks to take active interest in the climate investment projects and advised all community members between the ages of 18 and 65 to register to be able to participate in the cash for work programme. Mr. Asamoah further highlighted on the project modalities explaining that it is a 3 hour daily task in which each participant shall be paid an amount of GHS 13.50 pesewas per day continuously for 3 months with the exception of weekends.

He hinted that all interested persons should register as soon as possible since only 300 persons were targeted for the application within the seven days alloted for the registration process. Four persons made up of 2 each from both the community and Assembly were chosen  and tasked to register all applicants via an electronic system. Interested persons were informed to come along with their Ghana cards for the registration process. 

Mr. Asamoah further explained that after the registration process, another community meeting shall be convened in two weeks time whereby a lottery system shall be used to select a total of 150 beneficiaries for interview and final selection. In his concluding remarks, Mr. Asamoah urged all community members to register since the registration team shall be available at the community center right after the end of the program and the subsequent 7 days. 

After his presentation, there were some series of questions and comments from participants and clarifications and responses made. He thanked the community for their cooperation and support and was optimistic that the project shall deliver better results for the Saboa community.

Mr. Nathan Asamoah the project Coordinator addressing educating the community members

Presentation by SOS-CV( CfW Training Component)

Mr. Abdul Hamid, a trainer from SOS-CV briefed participants on the training component of the GrEEn project. He explained that in order to enhance the enterprise opportunities of beneficiaries, the project designed a free training module to empower participants through coaching and mentoring in their respective skills and potentials they may have for the local economy. He explained that the training will be done for only 2 hours in a day for a period of 5 working days. In addition, they shall provide free meals and a payment package of GHS 13.50 pesewas for each beneficiary for each working day.

Presentation by Representative SNV( Access to Finance)

The Head of BAC, Mr. Theodore B explained that SNV is one of the partners on the GrEEn project who would facilitate access to finance for beneficiaries who may qualify for the Opportunities for Youth Employability (OYE) programme. He said that beneficiaries who meet the criteria would be offered support in the form of start up and access to finance packages. 

The UNCDF Rep. Mr. Nathaniel Asamoah informed interested participants to register with ECOBANK to secure their bank accounts for the programme. He explained the record keeping and savings, opening of express accounts and modalities as well as express point agents and payment modalities.

He indicated that the cumulative amount of money to be earned after the 3 month period will not be subjected to tax deductions but rather credit interest shall be added to those who do not withdraw their money after 2 months period. Finally, he explained the linkage between UNCDF and SNV and briefed participants that CfW beneficiaries who may qualify would be migrated onto the results 2 & 4, that is skills development; incubation and acceleration of SMEs.

The Hon. Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Kingsley Owusu-Appiah addressing the community members

After the presentations, questions were asked by community folks and responses were given. The Chief Imam of Saboa thanked the Assembly and UNCDF team for the programme but also petitioned the Assembly through the Hon. MCE for some development assistance including construction of toilet for the community, fixing of speed humps and resolving of electricity issues in some parts of the community.

Generally, the programme was very successful. There was participation of more females than male counterparts. The Hon. MCE thanked the community for their spirit of cooperation. He responded to the development concerns and urged them to participate effectively in the GrEEn project. He asked the community leadership to invite him during communal labour so that together they can address some of the sanitation issues in the community.


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